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What's new in HTML 5

The new features:

Showcase examples

  • SketchPad. A drawing web app using HTML 5 canvas (no Flash required).
  • Vaullt. HTML 5 <video> showcase. See also page source (<nav>, <aside>, and <footer> are used for structural markup).
  • HTML5 drawing web app 3D tetris game in HTML 5 and JavaScript
  • Games using HTML 5 canvas. A Doom-style shooter and a 3D tetris.
  • LOGO interpreter in your browser (using <canvas>).

References and tutorials

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Peter Kankowski
Peter Kankowski

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Peter lives in Siberia, the land of sleeping sun, beautiful mountains, and infinitely deep snow. He likes to program in C with a bit of C++, also in x86 assembly language, Python, and PHP (on Windows platform). He can be reached at kankowski@narod.ru.

Created by Peter Kankowski
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